Chris Christie’s new book promises to attack Trump, conservatives and ‘conspiracy theorists’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thinks he’s the only person who can save the Republican party and his new book, “Republican Rescue” promises to do nothing but further the divide in the party. Christie left office as governor in New Jersey with the lowest approval rating in the state’s history, 15%. It may have also been the lowest approval exit rating for any governor nationwide in the twenty-first century.

Chris Christie lays out the plan on how to save the Republican party from former President Donald Trump and his followers…all 71,000,000 of them.

Then he ran for president. He later dropped out of the race after he was polling under 1%. Now, the man who is most known for things like Bridgegate, Beachgate and fighting with the state’s largest public unions appears to be priming himself for another run for president…and in true Christie style, knows better than everyone else.

“As governor of New Jersey and a key Trump insider and longtime friend, Chris Christie has always been known for speaking his mind. Now that the depressing 2020 election is finally behind us, he shares his bold insights on how a battered Republican Party can soar into the future and start winning big elections again,” the publisher states about the book.

Christie’s book promises to go on the offensive against former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters…and this, Christie says is how to fix the Republican party.

“The wrong answers are everywhere. Dangerous conspiracy theorists. A tired establishment. Truth deniers and political cowards,” Christie said.

“In Republican Rescue, Christie reveals exactly how absurd grievances and self-inflicted wounds sabotaged Donald Trump’s many successes and allowed Democrats to capture the White House, the House, and Senate in two years—a first for the GOP since the days of Herbert Hoover.

“The last year of the Trump administration—which provoked nothing but conspiracy theories and infighting,” Christie said.

Christie says he watched in horror as some in his beloved party embraced paranoia and explained away violence. Determined to restore the party’s integrity and success, he shows how to build a movement voters will flock to again, a Republicanism that’s blunt, smart, conservative, potent, and perfectly suited for the 21st century.

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