Chris Christie fires opening salvo at Trump, supporters during ‘comeback’ speech

Like a phoenix from the ashes, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back and he has a message as he tries to become the savior of the flailing Republican Party in the Post Donald Trump era. In an attempt to force the Republican party to stop paying attention to Trump, Christie spent most of his speech paying attention to Trump.

In a nutshell, Christie told Republicans to stop living in the past and to move forward, ignoring the conspiracy theorists of the party and those who want to see a return of Donald Trump.

Christie told his small audience that Republicans need to, “Discredit extremists in our midst.”

“Enough with the wishful thinking and self-delusion. We are also overdue to stop the wallowing in the past,” Christie said during his speech. “We need to renounce the conspiracy theorists and truth deniers, the ones who know better and the ones who are just plain nuts.”

Christie, one of Trump’s biggest frenemies while in the White House, no pun intended, has been critical of Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was rampant with fraud or that he was the winner and not Joe Biden. Christie has also been critical of Trump supporters

“Pretending we won when we lost is a waste of time and energy and credibility,” Christie said

“Whenever anybody loses an election — party, an individual — there is great disappointment. But elections have consequences and this one was clearly won by President-elect Biden by the same margin in the Electoral College that President Trump won four years ago — by even more, nearly double the popular vote,” Christie said during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo last December.

Christie’s speech for many signaled the start of his 2024 Presidential election campaign. In 2016, Christie received just 1.8% of the votes in the Iowa primary. A month later he withdrew from the race and endorsed Trump.

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