Cambridge man charged for series of business and residential break-ins

CAMBRIDGE, MA – A suspect, who was wanted in connection with a series of recent break-ins at Cambridge businesses and residences, has been arrested. A 38-year-old from Cambridge was arrested at his home earlier this week after being positively identified following a comprehensive investigation into two break-ins; one was at a Central Square business that had more than $80,000 in equipment and furniture stolen over two consecutive days.

After the defendant provided consent to search his apartment, Officers recovered a number of recently reported stolen items from other businesses and residents in the area, including debit/credit cards, laptops, cell phones, tablets, electrical tools, and bicycles associated with other break-ins.

Overall, at least five businesses, a residence and the owners of three motor vehicles are believed to be connected to the defendant’s break-ins between April and June 2021. A majority of the break-ins occurred in the Central Square area at night or in the early morning. He now faces several charges, including Breaking and Entering Nighttime for a Felony, Larceny from a Building, and Receiving Stolen Property.

“This one individual was responsible for victimizing a number of residents and businesses in our community,” said Commissioner Branville G. Bard, Jr. of the Cambridge Police Department. “I want to commend the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department for their comprehensive investigative work on these cases, and also thank the businesses who supported our investigations by providing valuable evidence to help us identify the defendant.”

If any businesses or residents have been victimized by any recent break-ins, they are encouraged to call the Cambridge Police Department at 617-349-3300. As always, we encourage residents across the City to remain vigilant and be aware of any suspicious activity in their neighborhood. We advise you to lock your doors, windows and cars. Please remove any objects outside of your home that may be used to access a second-floor window, door, porch or air conditioning unit. If you have motion detectors outside of your home, please enable them overnight. Please make sure your home alar

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