American government is monitoring Facebook and removing “Disinformation” White House chief propagandist reports

They’re calling it “disinformation research” and “tracking”, but many today are calling the Biden administration’s oversight of Americans on Facebook overreaching and possibly illegal.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week confirmed what many who were previously labeled as conspiracy theorists have been suggesting for months. The American government is watching everything you post on social media, and they have created a list of people who disagree with them. They are then taking that list and taking action to try to remove people and their dissenting messages from the social media platform.

We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s Office, we’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.

Jen Psaki, Senior White House Official and spokesperson for President Joe Biden

For now, Psaki says that disinformation research is limited to COVID-19 related posts, but some experts are saying it goes far beyond that scope.

“We are in regular touch with the social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff and also members of our COVID-19 team — given, as Dr. Murthy conveyed, this is a big issue, of misinformation, specifically on the pandemic,” Psaki explained why the federal government is stepping in to squash freedom of speech in the name of medicine.

Fox News Host Katie Pavlich said Psaki’s comments are not only frightening for the American people, but possibly dangerous.

“Psaki says the White House has been flagging “problematic posts” on Facebook they believe are misinformation about Wuhan coronavirus. Reminder: Fauci worked with Facebook to ban the lab leak theory, which is factual, for more than a year,” Pavlich said.

Author Glenn Greenwood said, “The Biden administration is telling Facebook which posts it regards as “problematic” so that Facebook can remove them. This is the union of corporate and state power — one of the classic hallmarks of fascism — that the people who spent 5 years babbling about fascism support.”

Psaki referenced Facebook as if it were another government agency working interoperability with the White House, instead of it being its own private corporation.

The White House also revealed that is has created the COVID-19 Community Corps who will go door to door across America to spread government-approved information.

“We also created the COVID Community Corps to get factual information into the hands of local messengers,” Psaki said.

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