Ambrosio targets serial income tax cheat mega-dipper Greg McGuckin as primary election just two days away

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River resident Greg McGuckin is under fire this week by his opponent, Geri Ambrosio, who serves as President of the of 33-year old Toms River Republican Club. Ambrosio too a swipe at McGuckin’s nearly $400,000 annual no-show position created for him as head legal counsel by Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill.

Since being hired by Mo Hill in the early days of the pandemic in a meeting closed to public attendance, Hill and the Toms River Council approved to hire McGuckin to lead the township’s legal department. McGuckin has not attended a single Toms River Township Council meeting since his hiring, instead has underlings attend the meetings.

While the Toms River meetings are going on, McGuckin has regularly been in attendance at the Jackson Township municipal council meetings in a town he does not reside in or represent in Trenton.

When asked by Shore News Network how McGuckin will be able to serve in both positions that meet at the exact same time, McGuckin snapped, “My schedule is none of your business.”

Oh really Greg? We all pay our taxes. Those taxes go towards your $2.8 million in annual income from the taxpayers.

On the other hand, with over two dozen other public no-show jobs under his belt, McGuckin doesn’t pay his own taxes.

Public records show the IRS has placed liens on McGuckin’s home for failure to pay income taxes over a more than ten year span. McGuckin has been in negotiation with the IRS to repay over $100,000 in delinquent and skirted taxes and recently bought back his home from an apparent seizure shelter created by his business partner Jerry Dasti. Dasti had purchased McGuckin’s personal home shortly after the IRS began placing liens on the house.

In new campaign mailers, Ambrosio targets McGuckin’s delinquent tax history while he lives lavishly, collecting millions of dollars in apparent no-show positions.

McGuckin is being challenged by Ambrosio in Tuesday’s primary election. This week, a mailer was sent out to voters in District 10 in the form of the below letter:

Fellow Republicans,
We’re writing this letter to you today because we are deeply concerned about the corruption in Trenton, its impact on property taxes, the cost of living, and our quality of life in New Jersey.

Murphy’s radical agenda continues to go unchecked. Instead of fighting the far left policies of the Democrats, Assemblyman McGuckin used his 12 years in office to build a law practice that thrives on public money.

Assemblyman McGuckin has 30 public jobs, and a “No Show Job” in Toms River that he wrote the ordinance to create for himself. McGuckin is supposed to be the Director of Law in Toms River, but he’s never made it to a single council meeting.

McGuckin has taken $18 Million from Taxpayers since being elected and his law firm brought in $1.6 Million in public contracts last year alone.

With all that Public Money pouring into his firm over the last 12 years, you would think that McGuckin would at least have the decency to pay his New Jersey State and Federal taxes, but it turns out McGuckin is a Habitual Tax Cheat and has 6 years of NJ State Tax Judgments for failure to pay and Federal Tax Liens in 11 different years. Catalano has a Tax Judgment too.

McGuckin’s firm Mysteriously got $350,000 in forgivable Covid 19 loans last year. These forgivable government loans were supposed to help struggling small businesses get through the Covid 19 shutdown. Was his law firm really struggling with $1.6 Million in public contracts?

Worst of all, McGuckin & Catalano are RINO’s who support Murphy’s radical far left polices.

During the Governor’s shutdown, McGuckin & Catalano proposed fining residents $15,000 dollars for violating Murphy’s Executive Orders on social distancing. Supporting Murphy’s Orders with excessive fines is not the first time McGuckin & Catalano sided with the Democrats.

Last year, McGuckin & Catalano voted with the Democrats 86% of the time. We need legislators that will stand up to Phil Murphy and the radical liberal left, not vote along with them.

We’re Republicans Geri Ambrosio & Brian Quinn and we’re running for State Assembly to put a stop to the socialist policies & pay-to-play corruption that is driving up taxes, crippling our state economy, and forcing residents to move out of New Jersey. If elected we will work to:
 Stop Giveaways to illegal Aliens
 Secure Our Election System
 Hold Criminals Accountable & Restore Law & Order
 Cut Taxes & Get Our Economy Going Again
 End Covid Restrictions & Open up New Jersey

 Support Second Amendment Rights
This is a very important election, and we would greatly appreciate your support. Remember to Vote Geri Ambrosio & Brian Quinn for Assembly, Republican Column “D”.
Geraldine Ambrosio & Brian Quinn Candidates for NJ State Assembly

Brian Quinn and Geraldine Ambrosio

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