Woman Stabs Store Security Guard 27 Times After Reminding Her to Mask Up, Use Hand Sanitizer

CHICAGO, IL – A security guard is recovering after being stabbed 27 times by a woman while being held down by her sister at a Chicago Snipes location.  Sisters Jayla and Jessica Hill are being held in jail without bail as they await trial.  On October 25th, the two women walked into the Snipes store and were approached by a security guard who asked the sister to please wear a mask and reminded them to use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Instead of heading the advice of the 6 foot, five inches tall security guard, Jessica Hill picked up a nearby trash can and smashed the security guard with it. Once on the ground, Jessica held the guard down while sister Jayla stabbed the man 27 times with a comb knife, a knife that looks like a comb, with a hidden blade.  The incident was captured by the store’s surveillance cameras.

“Bitch,” one of the sisters said while recording the incident. “You got fucked up.”