With Trump silenced, Kim Jong Un vows to subdue America, bring it to its knees

PYONGYANG, N. KOREA –  After digitally executing the President of the United States and silencing him on all social media platforms, America’s big tech have rolled out the red carpet for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to make threats against America.  Un has been relatively quiet and submissive to Trump during the President’s four-year term of office, but less than 24 hours after Trump being chained and silenced by Silicon Valley, Kim Jong Un began his barking.

Like a school yard bully who runs his mouth when the stronger and bigger kids aren’t around, Un issued a series of threats against America.

“Our external political activities must focus on our arch-enemy and the fundamental obstacle to our revolutionary development, the United States,” the dictator said, according to NBC. “The effort will focus on overpowering and bringing them to their knees.”

The North Korean leader renewed his effort to advance the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

Kim spoke to his nation to describe the country’s latest weapons in their arsenal including multi-warhead missiles, under water launched nuclear missiles and long range solid rocket fuel nuclear weapons.

“No matter who is in power in the US, the true nature of the US and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change,” Kim said, referring to President-elect Joe Biden.

Biden did not issue a response to Un’s threat.