Winding River Park bridge repairs complete, open to the public again

TOMS RIVER, NJ – A foot bridge midway along the walking trail in Toms River’s Winding River Park has been revitalized by the township and open again to the public. The bridge which spans the Toms River, midway through the township’s Winding River park had a much-needed facelift.   The Toms River runs north through Toms River,  through Winding River Park and Riverwood Park. From there, you can follow the river north along Whitesville Road in Jackson Township. The river then winds through Forest Resource Education Center.  You can get there by taking Whitesville Road to the end, then making a left at East Veterans Highway where you will cross the Dove Mill Branch of the Toms River.

Through Jackson, the Toms River winds northward all the way out Prospertown Lake near Six Flags Great Adventure.  It continues northward to Millstone Township where it finds its beginning as several small tributaries and streams south of Stagecoach Road.