Will Joe Biden Inauguration be A Superspreader Event or Parking Lot Horn Honking

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The transition team for President-elect Joe Biden has a difficult decision to make–What to do with the inauguration ceremony.  Typically, presidential inaugurations attract millions of people to Washington, D.C.   In January, America could be in the dead-winter of a pandemic of epic proportions and Biden will have to rethink his grand plans for his inauguration.  We can expect by January, travel lockdowns will be in place, businesses in the northeast will be shut down as Democrat governors continue to play supreme commander in the war against COVID-19.

What happens when millions of people from around the nation descend upon the nation’s capital at the height of pandemic…in the dead of winter, each arriving by trains, busses, and planes?

“I think it’s going to definitely have to be changed,” said Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain. “Obviously, this is not going to be the same kind of inauguration we had in the past.”

Klain offered no further details.  Biden has been mocked for his lackluster events during the election, but can Joe refrain from hosting a lavish inauguration with millions watching him take the oath of office?  Is Joe ok if his arch-nemesis Donald Trump’s “huge” crowds in 2017 outshine a few cars honking their horns in a parking lot in the nation’s capital?

Since the Biden team hasn’t said much, we can only speculate and wait at this point in history, but a large and lavish inauguration by Biden would leave us saying just one phrase, “Say it ain’t so, Joe”.