“We Did It” Wife of Fox News Family Owner Celebrates Biden Victory

Kathryn Murdoch is the wife of Fox News family owner James Murdoch and she’s thrilled about the victory of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

“We did it!” she tweeted after Fox News announced that they had joined other news outlets to jointly announcing they have called the race for Biden.

Fox News began losing its conservative viewership after it called Arizona with a large number of ballots to be counted.  To date, Fox News has not even called Alaska for the President despite his nearly 2-1 lead in that state.  Now, as Trump contests races in Georgia, North Caroline, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, Fox News has entered into a continuous news cycle covering the Biden transition into the White House.

Both James and Kathryn made political campaign donations to Biden and both have been outspoken against their family network’s right-leaning principles.