Watch New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Rages on Reporters Questioning His School Closure Strategy

ALBANY, NY – Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was defending his brother, Chris, who is a reporter at CNN, who often goes by the nickname, “Fredo” and putting the journalism profession on a pedestal.  This week, Cuomo is berating reporters asking serious questions about the future of education in New York State and New York City as an impending lockdown looms in the air.

“Th another day you said this is the city’s decision and today you said, well I might have to impose an orange zone and I might have to close the schools which an orange zone,” the reporter asked Cuomo “So, what’s going on does the city still has the ability to close its schools are you now taking control and saying that you have the power to make this decision and for the millions of parents who want to know are the schools going to open tomorrow in New York City.”

Cuomo lashed out and told the reporters who is in charge, also pulling his “Trump card” and berating reporters.

“All right, first of all let’s try not to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone because you’re 100 percent wrong. We announced the orange zone law over a month ago I don’t know if you were here or if you were paying attention but that has been in effect for over a month,” Cuomo snapped.  “It always said if by the state’s numbers hit 3 percent the schools close what’s going on here is nothing that the law hasn’t said for over a month. We then had to test out procedures if you were paying attention you would have known we closed the schools in new york city two weeks ago remember when we did an orange zone in a red zone in Brooklyn and Wueens and we close the schools.”

He then went on a rant against the reporter.

“Don’t you remember that? Okay, so don’t you so what are you talking about how what are you talking about you’re now going to override. We did it already that’s the law an orange zone in a red zone follow the facts so confused well then you’re confused.”