Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive in Philadelphia

The Associated Press has reported the arrival of Pennsylvania National Guard Troops in Philadelphia after days of rioting and looting continue. At the direction of Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Pennsylvania National Guard is mobilizing several hundred members in support of the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management to assist local agencies in protecting life, property and the right to peacefully assemble and protest.

“Assisting civil authorities during times of need is one of our core missions in the National Guard, and our Citizen Soldiers and Airmen are well-trained and well-prepared to assist our commonwealth and our communities in any way we can,” the PA National Guard said in a statement.  “We are able to conduct operations in support of civil authorities to enhance local law enforcement’s ability to provide continued public safety and critical infrastructure security.”

City officials said the National Guard will be deployed to protect property and ensure safety for residents while the police department works on finding and bringing to justice, those who have terrorized the city for days.  The deployment, according to city officials is “day to day”.