Watch Giuliani Openly LOL’s at CNN Reporter, Mocks Philly Fans and Quotes My Cousin Vinny

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani might have had some odd colored hair-dye sweat, but if that’s your media takeaway from today’s press conference, you’re missing the boat. Here are the four most important moments from today’s Trump campaign press conference.

First was Giuliani laughing openly at a CNN reporter.

Next, he told the media he would love to give them his evidence but knows they won’t report it.

El Presidente’ Dave Portnoy representing his new clan of Philly ‘scumbags’ can’t handle the truth.  The truth is Philly football fans and hockey fans, we must add go to the games more for the fights than the games.   Phillies fans on the other hand are kind of light.

And who can forget quoting the best line of witness credibility in My Cousin Vinny.

When asked where the FBI was on this, Giuliani checked under the podium and didn’t see them, but he too would love to know the answer to the question.