Watch: Do Recognize this Concord, CA Porch Pirate?

CONCORD, CA – Concord Police are searching for a porch pirate caught red-handed taking packages from a residence.  As the holidays near, theft of packages is anticipated to increase and police are warning residents to remain vigilant.  Do you recognize this suspect or have any information that can assist with this investigation? Please contact Detective Christine Corey at (925) 603-5828 or you can call our Anonymous Tip Line at (925) 603-5836.

Here are some tips the department recommends residents to follow:
As the holidays approach and more and more gifts are purchased online, the Concord Police Department wants to remind everyone of a few tips to keep those pesky porch pirates at bay.
– If you notice a vehicle you don’t recognize driving through the neighborhood REPEATEDLY, call us with a detailed description – color/style/make/model…a license plate would be even better.
– Social media can be used to alert your neighbors to suspicious vehicles and people as well as helping to track their movements through the area so we can find them and add them to our naughty list!
– Are vehicles following delivery trucks? Are they making the same frequent stops? Are they running to the front door empty handed only to return with a package? If so, CALL US at 671-3333.
– Prevent opportunities for the thieves by tracking your packages to know when they will arrive.
We want to make sure that all the great gifts you buy end up with the people they were intended for… and not in the hands of porch pirates!