Watch as police officers jump in frigid river to save stranded dog

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY – What a great way to end 2020.  Police officers in Cheektowaga, New  York jumped into the waters of a frigid creek to rescue a dog stranded in the water.

On Wednesday,  at 3:19 pm, officers responded to a dog spotted in the creek. Officers attempted to check the creek at various spots, however, the creek has a steep bank and is in a wooded area. Patrolman Rutkowski made his way through the woods and spotted the dog clinging to a tree in the creek. Patrolman Rutkowski entered the water which was waist deep and made his way to the dog. Patrolman Troy Blackchief arrived to help and also entered the water. Patrolman Rutkowski was able to lift the dog off the tree and out of the water and passed the dog to Patrolman Blackchief who was assisted by Cheektowaga Animal Control in getting the dog out of the water. The dog was turned over to the owners and brought to the veterinary clinic to be checked.