Washington Post: Glenn Youngkin Isn’t As Pro-Life As McAuliffe Claims

Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is pro-life, The Washington Post confirmed in a Tuesday fact check, but he’s not as pro-life as Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe portrays him to be.

WaPo gave gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe “Two Pinocchios” for repeatedly claiming that Glenn Youngkin wants to “defund Planned Parenthood” and “ban all abortions in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Though Youngkin has made it clear that he supports rolling back Democratic abortion expansions, WaPo noted, he does not support Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t think taxpayer dollars should go to abortions, and he hasn’t specifically said that he would ban abortions or defund the organization.

Youngkin himself told the Daily Caller News Foundation last week that he is pro-life but believes “in exceptions in the case of rape, and in case of incest, in case the mother’s life is in jeopardy.” He did not give the DCNF specifics on what type of abortion restrictions he would support.

The Republican candidate previously indicated to the National Review that he would sign a bill that banned abortions of unborn babies who had reached 20 weeks (around the age of viability and after unborn babies can feel pain). A Youngkin campaign aide later told National Review that Youngkin confirmed he would sign a 20 week abortion ban.

“I think that when a child could feel pain, we should go discuss when that is, and that would be a very good moment for us to actually make sure we are stopping tax­payer-funded abortions,” Youngkin told the National Review.

“This deceptively recorded audio demonstrates that Glenn Youngkin says the same thing no matter who he is talking to, unlike Terry McAuliffe who knowingly makes false allegations and decides what to say based on whatever poll is in front of him,” Youngkin spokesman Matt Wolking told the DCNF in July.


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