Was the My Pillow guy banned from Twitter? Yes he was

Twitter today banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell as it continues cracking down and censoring allies to President Donald J. Trump citing violations of Twitter’s rules and terms of service.  Since the January 6th breach at the U.S. Capitol Building, Twitter says it has banned some 70,000 accounts, mostly of people associated with the QAnon conspiracy that claims the 2020 election was illegally stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

Trump claimed there was widespread ballot fraud and election conspiracy theories against him, but in the end, was unable to prove those accusations in a court of law.

The left has launched a boycott of Lindell’s My Pillow line, but like the Goya boycott last year, Trump loyalists and supporters have gone out of their way to buy Lindell’s products in the past two weeks.

Lindell, who blasted Dominion voting systems has threatened to sue the CEO for defamation. Twitter said Lindell had repeated policy violations against his account.