Virginia Police Chief says he won’t enforce Governor Northam’s stay at home lockdown order

CHESTERFIELD, VA – Chesterfield County Police Chief, Col. Jeffery S. Katz on Thursday said his department will not be pulling over cars on I-95 or conducting police stops against people in violation of Governor Ralph Northam’s latest executive order requiring non-essential Virginians to stay at home.

“I have received a number of inquiries this afternoon regarding the Governor’s most recent Executive Order. Specifically, folks have asked if Chesterfield County Police
personnel will be pulling people over if they are driving between 12a and 5a,” Katz said.  “We will NOT be conducting traffic stops on people otherwise lawfully operating a motor vehicle during these times. The law requires officers to have reasonable suspicion to stop a driver. There are completely lawful reasons for people to be out and about during these times and therefore mere operation of a motor vehicle does not remotely meet the legal burden necessary to justify a lawful stop.”

According to Northam’s order, all individuals in Virginia must remain at their place of residence between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Exceptions include obtaining food and goods, traveling to and from work, and seeking medical attention.