Vero Beach man threw full cup of water at store manager who asked him to wear face mask

VERO BEACH, FL –   A Vero Beach man said it was only a “light throw” when he threw a cup of water at a store manager who wanted him to wear his facemask while shopping.

Roy Rossini, 63, of Vero Beach, took issue with this at Best Buy on Jan. 11, around 2 p.m.   Rossini, standing at the front of the store, requested to speak to a manager while holding a mask.
The store manager approached him and politely asked him to wear a mask.  Rossini became irate and began calling the store manager names. He was then asked to leave the store.

Before Rossini left, he picked up a full cup of water and threw it at the manager. Rossini admitted to throwing the cup at the manager, but said it was a “very light throw.”
Rossini faces one charge of battery.

“Covid 19 has changed our lives. With that in mind, some stores still require shoppers to wear a mask,” the Indian River Sheriff’s Office said of the incident.