Vanilla Ice, Beach Boys headline Trump Mar-A-Logo New Years Party

PALM BEACH, FL – The Trump team partied like it was 2019 with Vanilla Ice headlining the President’s 2020 New Years Eve party.  Although the President was not there, the party was the hottest ticket in America on New Years Eve.  While the rest of the world got to watch in horror of Cyndi Lauper’s bizarre performance in Times Square, guests at Trump’s Palm Beach resort got to rock to the Beach Boys and Vanilla Ice.  The media has been criticizing the Trump team for the lack of social distancing and lack of mask wearing and the event has become the brunt of social media memes and jokes, but on the bright side, guests at the party didn’t have to watch Lauper fop and flounder on stage and definitely missed Bill DeBlasio’s Times Square dance with his wife in the middle of the city during a lock down at the height of pandemic.  It was the epitome of do as I say not as I do.  While most New Yorkers were locked in their homes during the wasteland gala, the  mayor and his wife danced the  New Year away.  While the left is flipping out over the Trump party, they remain silent on the fact that the Mayor of New York City shut down Times Square so he can dance with his wife on stage, while New Yorkers died in hospitals around them from COVID-19.