Vaccination status is the Democrat party’s next great American divide

The Democrat party is always looking for new ways to divide Americans to create the divide that is necessary for their party to survive. You are either for Trump or against America. You are either for critical race theory or you are against America. You are for our idea of voting rights or you are against America. Now, you are either for vaccines or you are against America.

It’s a common theme for the party, which just two days ago declared that social media giant Facebook is committing murder by allowing “COVID-19 disinformation”.

At one point, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that if you are against the government’s meddling in personal posts on Facebook, then you want people to die.

Ben Kenobi summed this up in Star Wars. When Anakin told him “You are either with me or against me”, he reminded young Skywalker that only Sith speak in absolutes.

The Democrat party speaks in absolutes. While we’re not saying they’re the Sith, because they’re nowhere near as cool, we’re saying that it’s the party of pure evil, hatred, and divisiveness in America. If you do not follow the Democrats 100%, they will riot in your cities, deplatform you and try to put you out of business. Their evil and vindictiveness has no boundary.

Enter the COVID-19 vaccination debate. Vaccination status will be the next great divider in American society as Democrats begin painting those who wish to not get vaccinated as evildoers seeking to end society and kill your grandma. Eventually, you might even see anti-vaxers in the street fighting bloody street battles with pro-vax liberals.

Whatever happened to “My body, my choice?”

It has been a rallying call for Democrats for decades when it comes to pretty much every other medical activity they either agree with or disagree with, except for injecting a vaccine that they were calling the “Trump vaccine” just a few months ago.

Democrats, including President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told us in 2020 that we should not trust the Trump vaccine and that they won’t get it. Now, they are telling you to get the vaccine or you have blood on their hands.

Now, the party is using vaccination status to create a new divide in America, one that bridges race, wealth and even politics, but creates fear and intimidation to those who oppose the party line. Fearmongering based on vaccination status is coming to a small town near you, so buckle up liberal America, your next social street war is about to begin.

If you’re vaccinated, then you are a true and loyal American. If you do not vaccinate, you are an evil murderer who wants to kill children and the elderly.

Why? Because forced vaccinations could just be right around the corner, fed by the fear of the delta variant.

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