Upset D.C. resident screams at Trump protesters, “Piece of S*it Crackers”

WASHINGTON, DC – During the Capitol uprising in Washington, D.C. last week, one D.C. resident had enough and lashed out at Trump supporters with racist rants.

“Get the f&ck out of town you f-cking treasonous pieces of shit,” the man yelled from his porch in D.C. “They’re destroying the f-cking city and it’s like nobody gives a sh-t. If that were Black Lives Matter, they’d have tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. But they let the f-cking crackers take over the goddamn capital.”

Cracker is a racist epithet towards white people.  The word cracker is offensive to white people as the “n-word” is to black people, some scholars have indicated.  It’s origin dates back to colonial America as a derogatory term for poor white people from the deep south.  Some say it refers to whites as “whip crackers” and others say it refers to the fact that poor whites could not afford to mill their own corn and had to “crack” their own corn.  The term cracker infers that a person is “white trash”.

The racist rant was published to Twitter and remains on the site despite it’s move to block racist and harmful content.