Unless You’re Rioting in Portland, Oregon Governor Asks Residents to Avoid Large Gatherings

Salem, OR—  Unless you’re a member of BLM or Antifa rioting in the streets of Portland, Governor Kate Brown is asking that you limit your number of social interactions this coming holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving dinners after all, are a threat to society.  They are COVID-19 superspreader events.  You can’t get together with friends on Thanksgiving, that is unless your friends are one of the groups that have been rioting and destroying the City of Portland since May.

Here’s what the governor had to say:

Governor Kate Brown today launched a statewide public awareness campaign with Portland-based ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to inform Oregonians about the urgent importance of limiting social gatherings—especially during the holiday season—and continuing to wear face coverings even when visiting family and friends in small gatherings.

“We are eight months into the pandemic, and I know it’s easy to suffer fatigue and forget the importance of continuing to do the things we know can protect ourselves and our loved ones from this virus,” said Governor Brown. “And as we enter the holiday season, I understand how much we all want to get together with family and friends and feel a sense of normalcy. But the holidays are different this year. The best way to show our love this season is to rethink how we celebrate it. I’m urging all Oregonians to limit their holiday get-togethers and to continue wearing their face coverings.”

The new ad campaign—which will appear on social media, TV, outdoor media, and in print—was created to speak directly to Oregonians across the state about how our individual decisions can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and more lives from being lost. It stresses that protecting friends and family members is the top reason to wear a mask, and conveys an important reminder about the risks of large gatherings. Billboards and digital ads are going up this week, television ads and streaming videos will be released next week, and radio ads will follow.

The campaign launches at a critical time in Oregon. COVID-19 is spreading in Oregon communities at alarming rates and hospitalizations are rapidly rising. The Governor’s recent measures to stop the rapid community spread of COVID-19 are a necessity to give Oregon a fighting chance to flatten the curve and save lives. This new public awareness campaign reinforces that our individual choices will decide whether we reduce the spread of this virus and find a way to keep Oregon open, or whether we let our defenses down and allow the virus to take hold.