Two crack dealers caught in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, MA -SPD Narcotics Detectives Seize 290 Grams of Cocaine, 50 Grams of Crack-Cocaine, Ghost Gun, 790 bags of Heroin and $6600. Springfield Police Narcotics Detectives have been investigating the illegal sale of cocaine for the past several months with information that Luciano Morales was selling drugs from his home on Cliftwood Street.

At approximately 5:15pm Tuesday Detectives observed an individual leave Mr. Morales’ home and conducted a traffic stop on Palmer Avenue. The driver, Marlon Holmes, initially stopped the car then refused to listen to officers’ commands and drove his car at an officer onto a sidewalk putting any members of the public in danger before striking a retaining wall and a tree. Mr. Holmes then took off on foot and was quickly apprehended. Inside the car Detectives located more than 50 grams of cocaine.

A short time later, Luciano Morales and a female left his home on Cliftwood Street. Detectives were able to conduct a traffic stop near the intersection of Wilbraham Avenue and Alden Street. Mr. Morales was placed under arrest for driving with a suspended license while his passenger was detained pending the investigation. She was later released and will be issued a criminal complaint. Detectives seized more than $6600 from Mr. Morales and executed a search warrant at his home.

Inside the home Detectives located a loaded Ghost Gun, 790 bags of heroin and more than 290 grams of powder and crack-cocaine.

Both Mr. Morales and Mr. Holmes have previous firearms and drug convictions.

37 year old Luciano Morales of Cliftwood Street is charged with:
• Trafficking Cocaine 200 Grams or more
• Trafficking Cocaine 36 Grams or more
• Trafficking a Class B Drug 36 Grams or more
• Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a Felony
• Possession of a Firearm without a FID Card
• Improper Storage of a Firearm
• Firearm without a Serial Number
• Firearm Violation with 2 Prior Violent/Drug Crimes
• Possession of Ammunition without a FID Card (2 Counts)
• Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License
• Unregistered Motor Vehicle
• Uninsured Motor Vehicle
• Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Class A Drug

44 year old Marlon Holmes of El Paso Street is charged with:
• Trafficking Cocaine 36 Grams or more
• Firearm Violation with 2 Prior Violent/Drug Crimes
• Failure to Stop for Police
• Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle
• Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (2 Counts)