Twitter Censors President Trump Tweets Calling for Supreme Court Action in Election

WASHINGTON, DC – Twitter has censored the President of the United States again after Donald J. Trump took issue with GOP election observers being removed from poll counting facilities across the country and others being denied entry.  In the past 24 hours, Twitter has censored at least a dozen tweets sent out by the President.

“I easily WIN the Presidency of the United States with LEGAL VOTES CAST. The OBSERVERS were not allowed, in any way, shape, or form, to do their job and therefore, votes accepted during this period must be determined to be ILLEGAL VOTES. U.S. Supreme Court should decide,” Trump said. “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,Our lawyers have asked for “meaningful access”, but what good does that do? The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself. This is what should be discussed!”