Trump Says New York State Won’t Get Vaccine Until Governor Cuomo Allows It

NEW YORK, NY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has publicly stated he doesn’t want his state to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine rollout and distribution plan to deliver the successful Pfizer vaccine.   President Donald J. Trump said he cannot allocate millions of doses to a state when the Governor has publicly announced he will not give to those who want it, instead those vaccines will be delivered to states who have committed to distribution to its citizens.

“The bad news is that it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over, and this means his administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan,” Cuomo said this week. “We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way that Trump and his administration are designing it.”

Trump had harsh words for Cuomo and did not say whether or not his administration can force the governor to provide the cure to its population.

“The governor decided to say, he wants to take his time with the vaccine and doesn’t trust where it’s coming from,” Trump said of Cuomo. “The vaccine is coming from the greatest companies and laboratories in the world, but he doesn’t trust that it’s this White House, this administration and so, we won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization do so.  That pains me to say that. This a very successful vaccine.  Governor Cuomo will have to let us know when he’s ready.  We can’t be delivering it to a state where the governor won’t give it to the people.”

“I hope he doesn’t handle this as badly as he handled nursing homes,” Trump said of Cuomo, referring to the deaths of thousands of eldery long-term care patients as a result of an order to force those facilities to take infected COVID-19 patients back in March.