Trump Junior: Are we still pretending this guy is in charge?

Donald Trump, Jr., the son of former President Donald J. Trump asked a question on Twitter today that many Americans are also wondering after last night’s press conference.

“Are we still pretending this guy is in charge?” Trump asked.

Photos taken of Joe Biden’s Press Conference Cheat Sheets, including names and pictures of reporters

Biden’s press conference was clean, respectable, and presidential. While that, to many is a breath of fresh air, it was also scripted, awkward and at some points, downright embarrassing.

Biden worked off large colorful cue cards all night and in many cases, read pre-written responses to pre-determined media questions. The entire event was run from a script like a 1980’s sitcom, minus the fake audience laughs.

The entire event was a slap in the face of Americans who wanted to see President Joe Biden finally speak for himself. When he did speak for himself, he stumbled. What America heard last night wasn’t the words of the President, they were the words of the people propping up the president like a living version of Weekend at Bernie’s.

America deserves better.