Trump: I just want to stop the world from killing itself, Facebook fact checks

President Donald  J. Trump today sent a cryptic message on social media, “I just want to stop the world from killing itself.”  Facebook slapped the post with a fact check.

The rest is satire, of course.

It’s unsure what the President was talking about but we have sources inside Facebook that say fact-checkers have sprung into action to silence the President’s message. For now, it was slapped with the default, “Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 US Presidential election” message.

Fact-checkers over at Facebook are now researching whether or not the earth, itself an inanimate object can actually kill itself, or if it can, can Donald J. Trump stop it?  The world, Facebook says also acknowledges Joe Biden as the project winner of the 2020 election, according to Facebook insiders.

YouTube has announced today that it will remove Trump’s account for violating the rules by posting about self-harm and suicide in violation of the terms of service.

Liberals are up in arms because they don’t feel the President should be interfering in the affairs of the world.

“If the world wants to kill itself, who does he think he is, God?” asked a visibly shaken and stirred Nancy Pelosi.  “If the world wants to kill itself, who is this monster of a man who thinks he should stop it?”

Planned Parenthood issued a statement about the tweet, “We have no issues with the President’s statement as the world has already been born, had the earth been in the late formation stages of the solar system, of course, we would have a serious problem on our hands.”

Snopes has already fact-checked the President’s message, saying, “At no time did the earth ever indicate it wanted to kill itself.  This statement by the President is false and defamatory towards the world, my wife, I mean our fact checkers said.”

“It’s obviously more interference by a foreign government,” CNN said in a statement.

Joe Biden has blamed Trump for the world being in such a depressed state that it is contemplating suicide.

“C’mon man, I’ve been saying it all along about this jokester,” Biden said. “This flapdoodle is nothing more than a foozler.”