Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Pennsylvania Over Alleged Election Violations

Philadelphia, PA – Eric Trump today said Republican election observers were blocked from ballot-counting facilities in Philadelphia.

Trump said in one location, a party campaign observer was kept on the opposite of a fence more than 40 feet away from the ballot counting.  He also cited numerous poll worker violations including campaign signs for Biden-Harris and poll workers wearing Biden-Harris clothing at polling stations. Election officials eventually let Republican observers use binoculars to monitor the ballot counting.

“Philadelphia has a reputation of voter fraud,” Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani said today. “They didn’t allow him to see a single ballot.”

Giuliana said it is a concerted effort by the crooks who run the Democrat party.  Giuliani claims nearly 100,000 ballots in Philadelphia and Wisconsin appear to be fraudulent.

“They’re not going to get away with it, they’re not going to steal this election,” Giuliani said. “The election will be decided by the people.”

“We’re going to fight for the people and vindicate their right,” Giuliani said. “President Trump is going to win Pennsylvania.”