Troy Aikman, Joe Buck Slam Military Flyover at NFL Football Game

TAMPA BAY, FL – Military flyovers happened during the eight years of the Obama-Biden administration just as they did during the eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration, but two NBC NFL football announcers think that the ‘wasteful’ exercise is going to come to an end when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the 2020 election.

What more can the NFL do in 2020 to turn fans off but to continue disgracing the things many Americans hold close to their hearts.  The national anthem, police, now the military?  Next, will they ban beer and popcorn from the games and launch an assault on mom’s homemade apple pie until the last fan is left standing.  What about abolishing the tailgate party? There’s so much more the NFL can do to continue pushing away fans, but here’s the latest installment.

There’s no greater definition of America than a squadron of U.S. military fighter jets flying over a sports stadium before the big game, right after the playing of the national anthem.  In most cases, these flights, on weekends are conducted by local Air National Guard unit pilots who need training hours and would be in flight in the region anyway, but for former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, it’s a waste of money.

“That’s a lot of jet fuel for just a little flyover,” Aikman said after a U.S. fighter jet formation flew over Raymond James Stadium.

“That’s YOUR  hard earned money and tax dollars at work,” Buck said.

“That stuff ain’t happening with a Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell ya that right now, partner,” Aikman added.