Tornados? They don’t call ’em that anymore President Biden says

Since taking office, the administration of Joe Biden has been redefining American vocabulary, even going as far as telling federal agencies which word they can and can’t use.

Now, the President says they don’t call those twisty, windy things that cause massive destruction tornados anymore. He didn’t say what they call them.

The media jumped on Biden, but there could be a very simple explanation to his otherwise bewildering statement. It used to be that anytime a large storm caused massive destruction and left a debris field that looked like a tornado, back in Joe’s days, they would call it a tornado.

Tornados are now confirmed or debunked by the National Weather Service that investigates damage patterns, radar imagery, and other facts that help them officially declare a tornado. Not all severe storms are tornados.

Sometimes the damage is attributed to microbursts, wind shear, or other weather anomalies. We’re pretty sure that’s what Biden meant, because if not, then perhaps dementia truly has taken over our president’s mind.

As for tornados…C’mon man, they’re still called tornados.

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