Top Republican Leaders in New Jersey Throwing Trump Under the Bus

TRENTON, NJ –  The true colors of top Republican leaders is starting to surface as three of the state’s top Republicans are starting to distance themselves from President Donald J. Trump.  It started publicly this week after former Governor Chris Christie called the Trump campaign’s legal team a “national embarrassment”.   Christie isn’t the first Republican in his inner circle to condemn the President.  New Jersey RNC committeeman Bill Palatucci, a former formidable power broker during Christie’s term in office said he was “saddened” by the President’s handling of the 2020 election.

“I was saddened by the President’s comments about the election,” Palatucci said. “As an RNC member, I’ll fight for my party’s candidates anywhere there is evidence of wrongdoing against them.  But we cannot undermine our sacred democracy with charges that votes made by mail are somehow ‘illegal’.”

New Jersey Assemblyman John Bramnick said Trump’s ‘attack’ on the election was ‘dangerous to our democracy’.

“As the Republican leader in the State Assembly, I am deeply concerned about the President Trump’s allegation that the election is being ‘stolen’,” Bramnick said. “Without evidence of fraud or illegality, this attack directly from the White House is dangerous to our democracy.”

Christie, Palatucci, Bramnick ally Jack Ciattarelli is running for governor of New Jersey in 2020 and so far, Ciattarelli has maintained complete radio silence when it comes to Trump and his supporters are now starting to ask questions.  In 2016, Ciattarelli said Trump was a ‘charlatan’ who was ‘unfit’ to be the President of the United States.  Ciattarelli quietly walked back that stance in the past few months saying he voted for and supported Trump in the 2020 election.  Ciattarelli is expected to run with Ocean County Freeholder and RNC Committeewoman Virginia Haines as his Lt. Governor, according to sources in the Ocean County GOP.