Top 10 Bernie Memes: Biden may have won the election, but Bernie won the internet

WASHINGTON, DC – Joe Biden may have won the election, but Bernie Sanders has won the internet.   If only Bernie Sanders had thought to wear his granny mittens last year before the Democrat primary, it could have been him at the podium getting sworn in last week and Joe Biden sitting in the chair freezing his ass off.  Bernie’s viral photograph has lit the internet on fire with literally thousands of memes of him sitting in his chair at Biden’s inauguration.

Weekend at Christie’s

When Chris Christie shut down Island Beach State Park because of a statewide government lockdown, then opened it for himself and his family only, it created a meme that will haunt the former New Jersey Governor forever.  Just when Christie thought the meme had died down…he got Bern’d.

If the hand made mittens fit, you must acquit

OJ Simpson made a miraculous comeback wearing a pair of Bernie’s hand-crafted mittens.


While Paul Walnuts suns in front of Satriale’s Pork Store, Bernie watches, waiting for T and Christoper to show up.

Hamina hamina hamina hamina

The thought of Bernie Sanders as President would have been no honeymoon for Jackie Gleason.

The Bernie Game

Bachelorette number one what is your opinion of a socialized economy?

Bernies Just a Minor Threat

Bern’s not the first, I hope he’s not the last meme.

Bernie Gump

Bernie’s momma always told me, socialism is as socialism does.

Berniejuice! Berniejuice! Berniejuice!

What are you in here for pal?


Bernie, Wood on a Bed

Barry wood is a HUGE fan of Bernies…he’s been a big one…for a very looooong time.