Toms River, Ocean Police Officers Join in Tribute of Fallen Police Officer Natalie Corona

TOMS RIVER, NJ – As the City of Davis, California remembered the passing of Police Officer Natalie Corona, female police officers from around the country  were also remember her.  On January 10, 2019, Corona was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Natalie was a newly hired officer, taking her oath of office just five months before her death.

When responding to a three car crash, she was ambushed from the shadows by a man on a bike.  The shooter was a 48-year-old man, Kevin Douglas Limbaugh who lived just a few blocks away from the car crash Corona was investigating. Limbaugh eventually killed himself after an hours-long stand off with police.  We’ll never know why he did it, other than he told officers the police department was bombarding him with ultrasonic waves.

The Davis Police Department created a touching video where officers shared their memories of Corona and police officers nationwide always celebrated with her.

After her death, an picture of her standing on a road in a blue dress waving the “Thin Blue Line” flag in high heels became the picture that symbolized her life.

“I would like this photograph to serve as my gratitude for all those law enforcement men and women who have served, who are currently serving, and those who have died in the line of duty protecting our liberties in this great country,”she posted on her Facebook page in 2016, but that picture flooded the internet after her death.

Female Police Officers took pictures of themselves in blue dresses, mimicking the pose Corona took in the photo.

Over in New Jersey, Ocean Township Police Sgt. Dennis Jarin and Toms River Police Officer Fran Jarin put together a montage of other officers along with Corona’s original photo and sent it to the Davis Police Department.

Thank you, Sgt Jarin of Ocean Township Police Department in New Jersey, and everyone involved across the country for this incredible gift. It was emotional seeing how all these women of law enforcement across the nation were touched by Natalie’s story,” said Davis Chief of Police Darren Pytel.