Today is Ground Hog Day! White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is expected to “Circle Back” once again

WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has come under fire from the media since taking the job for not having any answers.  Each day, Psaki comes out before the press and takes questions, with the usual default answer of “I’ll have to circle back on that one”.

She has become, literally, America’s version of Groundhog Day.   If you remember the Bill Murray movie by the same name, he wakes up each morning and each day is the same.

Well, that’s what White House Press Briefings have become. It is so bad, that Psaki actually took a shot at “conservative Twitter” mocking her.

“Last thing I want to do before we get to your questions, I often note that I’m going to circle back,” she said. “I hate to disappoint conservative Twitter, but I am going to circle back on a number of things as we often do directly.”