The Second Conservative Exodus from Facebook to Parler Has Begun

Let’s face it, Facebook is out of control these past 7 days.  The level of filtering, censoring, throttling, and removing of Conservatives and Republicans is unprecedented.  With Facebook and Twitter censoring even the President of the United States and Fox News throwing in the towel and joining the blue wave, who can you trust these days?

For many, the answer is new social media startup Parler, pronounced “par-lay”.

Parler was founded in 201 and has a large base of Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters who were fed up with being banned, censored and routinely put in Facebook jail by the left-leaning tech giant.

As of this summer Parler had 2.8 million users.  Today, millions of Facebook users have decided to give the platform a shot. Heck, even Shore News Network has set up a home on Parler.   One of the top conservative news pages on Facebook is now going to be one of the top conservative news pages on Parler.

The company was founded by John Matze and Jared Thomas of Henderson, Nevada.

Parler’s founders saw an opportunity and seized upon it.  Realizing that their social media platform was attracting top tier conservative media companies and celebrities, the company went all in to embrace the conservative movement in America.

In May of 2020, when Twitter pissed off trump supporters and started flagging the President’s tweets, Parler saw a surge in signups.

While many people may not give up Facebook, we sure aren’t until they force us out, Parler appears so far to be a safe haven from big-tech censorship, but time will tell as the platform continues to grow. Parler is the mainstream media’s biggest nightmare, which is why most haven’t embraced the platform.  Differing opinions and two-sided fact check is a threat to their very existence.