The Daily Cute: Two Week Old Pup Getting Head Rub is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Davao City, PH -A two-week old puppy who beat the odds of mother nature getting a head rub is about the cutest thing you’ll see all day today.  According to the owner, the story of the pup is one that highlights the fragility of life.  The pup’s mom was pregnant to 4 others.  Two of those puppies had a low heart rate of 160bpm and the veterinarian performed a C-Section on just the 59thd day of pregnancy. Four pups came out and one died during delivery. After 3 hours, another puppy passed away. The owners took the remaining two male puppies and after 24 hours of home care, another one died.  This puppy in the video is now the only survivor.  “Sad story, but the puppy is super healthy now,” the pup’s new forever friends said.