Testa: Trenton Democrats must be high thinking their marijuana bill is what NJ voted for in November

TRENTON, NJ –  New Jersey state Senator Michael Testa said the bill voted on by the New Jersey Senate this week doesn’t at all resemble the referendum New Jersey residents voted to approve just a month ago.  Senator Michael Testa released the following statement after casting a “no” vote on legislation (S-21) to legalize the personal use of cannabis by adults:

“The Legislature should be ashamed of itself. By a 2-to-1 margin, New Jersey voters approved a referendum to legalize marijuana and this should have been an easy lift, but the Senate, Assembly and special interests have confounded something we all knew was inevitable for the past three years,” Testa said.  “The tax structure on legal weed is so outrageous the street level dealers will have a field day, and almost all of the money generated by the greedy taxation will be funneled to – and wasted by – the usual money pits that already receive the bulk of state money and school aid.”

Testa said the bill also puts workers at risk for losing their jobs, but not breaking the law.

“Even worse, the bill the Senate passed today fails to address the myriad of issues raised by businesses, hospitals and unions who will be caught in no-win situations when employees in high-risk, zero-tolerance positions test positive for now-legal marijuana,” he said. “How can a transportation company deal with an employee who tests positive for smoking legal marijuana and placing the public at risk? Rather than addressing these very real concerns in legislation, Trenton Democrats turned their backs on employers who will inescapably end up in court, voted ‘yes,’ and lit the fuse.”