Teen blames boredom for robbing business during Florida visit

JENSEN BEACH, FL –  The COVID-19 doldrums have us all down these days, but for one Tennessee teen visiting Florida, it got so bad, it forced her to rob a store the Martin County Sheriff’s Department said today.
In a release by the department, 18-year old Nicole Baylie W1lson of Murfreesboro Tennessee blamed boredom for a burglary that cost a Martin County business owner hundreds of dollars in damages and more than $2,000 in merchandise loss.
“Wilson, who left her relatives Martin County home to go for a stroll, used a piece of concrete to smash out a window at a retail fuel business on NE Jensen Beach Boulevard early Saturday morning,” the department said.  “Once inside she stole tobacco products, lottery tickets, vape pens, scales, grinders and hand pipes. A deputy on patrol noticed Wilson walking along the roadway just after the break-in, so he stopped and asked if Wilson needed assistance.”
Despite having an unusual amount of vape pens with her, there were no reports of stolen property at the time, so the deputy gave her a ride back to her relative’s home. About three hours later, the business owner arrived at work and discovered the damage and the burglary.
The deputy was now able to provide investigators with a possible suspect, and her address. Deputies returned to the apartment and questioned Wilson. She confessed and said she did it because she was bored.
Baylie Nicole Wilson was charged with unoccupied burglary and grand theft. Both felonies. She is being held at the Martin County jail on $16,000 bond.