Taliban Bans Women From Kabul University

The Taliban banned women from attending and teaching at Kabul University in Afghanistan’s capital, CNN reported on Tuesday.

Women won’t be allowed at the university until an Islamic environment is established on the campus, according to Taliban appointed Kabul University Chancellor Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat. He said the school will come up with a plan to allow women back into the classroom, but didn’t say how, CNN reported.

“As long as real Islamic environment is not provided for all, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Islam first,” Ghairat said on Monday.

“Due to shortage of female lecturers, we are working on a plan for male lecturers to be able to teach female students from behind a curtain in the classroom,” Ghairat tweeted in Pashto, according to CNN. “That way an Islamic environment would be created for the female students to get education.”

Women may be allowed to attend and work at the university after an Islamic environment is established at the campus, Ghairat said on Twitter.

“A bad misunderstanding of my words by the New York Times. I haven’t said that we will never allow women to attend universities or go to work, I meant that until we create an Islamic environment, women will have to stay at home,” Ghairat said on Tuesday. “We work hard to [create a] safe Islamic environment soon.”

Ghairat’s inadequate credentials were criticized after he was appointed, but he refuted critics’ claims and maintained that he was qualified to hold the position, CNN reported.

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