Tacoma man maces 10-year-old girl after she accidentally threw rock at his front door

TACOMA WA – A Tacoma man was annoyed that a little girl threw a rock at his front door, so he chased her down the street and maced her, according to police and eyewitnesses.

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 13, 2020, our deputies responded to a report of a child being “maced” by an adult at an apartment complex in the 2400 block of S. 96th St. in the Parkland area.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they learned that a 10-year-old girl and her friends were outside throwing rocks and one of the rocks hit the door to an apartment. An adult male reportedly exited the apartment and chased after the children, and then began to yell at the girl after she was cornered against a fence. Witnesses reported that when the child tried to leave, the suspect again chased after her and pepper-sprayed her in the face before returning to his apartment.

The 38-year-old male suspect was placed into custody and booked into the Pierce County Jail for Assault in the 2nd degree, which is a class B felony. The victim did not request any medical care but was still showing symptoms from being pepper-sprayed over an hour after the incident occurred.