Suddenly, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is Starting to Sound Like Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY – We cannot close America. We must keep our businesses open.  That is the message of President Donald J. Trump since the pandemic began in March.

We must close.  We must stay at home. We must shut down businesses.  That is the message of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo since the pandemic began in March.

Now, with President Trump no longer the Democratic Governor’s fall guy, Cuomo is singing a different tune days before his close friend, former Vice President Joe Biden takes his oath of office next week.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high,” Cuomo said this week. “We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy.”

Several times this year, Trump echoed the words Cuomo now speaks but was mocked, ridiculed, and even slandered by Cuomo himself for his stance.  Even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who sent the exact same message to his state just weeks ago was grilled by the left and the liberal news media.

Perhaps Cuomo is working on his next Emmy, this time shooting the “Lead Character in a Comedy” award.

“Brilliant strategist… it’s incredible that no one thought of this months ago!” Donald Trump Jr. said this week, mocking Cuomo’s instantaneous policy reversal on the economy.  Until Monday, Cuomo was the Chief Executive Officer of the New York State Business Shutdown Office.

Perhaps Cuomo had a “Jesus moment” after his state was forced to destroy doses of COVID-19 vaccines because his way didn’t work and realized maybe he wasn’t right all this time. Afterall, New  York State is still the COVID-19 death capital of America under his reign.

Under fire from just about everyone today over his flip flopping, Cuomo drew another card from his liberal deck of playing cards, trying to shift focus to the environment.

Our planet is in crisis. Sea levels are rising, ice caps are shrinking, California is burning, rain forests are disappearing. Nature is telling us: Do something or I will. Today I’m announcing new steps to scale up NY’s green economy with ~100 renewable projects,” Cuomo said, pretty much out of left field today.

“Thank God Cuomo is opening up New York!!!…..and JUST IN TIME for Biden’s inauguration …’s like a Covid miracle …ish,” television star Kirstie Alley said.

“If Cuomo changing tune and telling NY they need to reopen the economy now doesn’t make you realize this virus was used for political gain, then you don’t care about the truth,” said Josh Smith a prominent California Libertarian.

Just days before Cuomo’s premonition, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh complained to the governor that his draconian business restrictions have lead to the closure of 35 businesses in his city.