Students in Jackson Asked to Clear Out Lockers as All-Remote Learning Looms on the Horizon

JACKSON, NJ – Students at Jackson’s McCauliffe Middle School and others were given notice to perform a quarterly locker cleanup ahead of the coming the coming extended Thanksgiving Day weekend.  This notice comes as district officials warned that all-remote learning could be on the horizon if COVID-19 numbers in the district don’t improve.  Typically done twice per year, the district is now having students clean out lockers four times per school year.

“Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be having our quarterly locker clean out. This will allow them a chance to empty any old papers, water bottles or even lunches that they have stored over time.  We typically do this twice a year but this year we have decided to complete this task at the end of every marking period,” the district said in an email to families.  “So again, we will be conducting locker clean-out for our group 1 & 2 students this Tuesday and Wednesday and students need to take home all of their belongings each night when they leave school.”

Students were advised not to leave any books or items in their lockers overnight ahead of the holiday weekend.