Since George Floyd Riots, City Takeover Portland Shootings have Skyrocketed Police Department Shows

PORTLAND, OR –  New data released last week by the Portland Police Department shows that shootings are rampant in the city since the George Floyd riots and protests began in late May. The city has become an eternal protest, which has been ongoing for eight months now as city officials continue calls to “defund the police”.   In March of 2020, before the pandemic, there were just 23 murders.  At the height of the George Floyd riots in the city, there were 122 shootings in August, the city’s peak month of 2020.

Whatever Portland city officials are doing to reduce crime which has spiked since those riots, it isn’t working according to the report.  Portland has become one of the most dangerous cities in America since May of 2020.

“In an ongoing effort to empower our community with public safety information, the Portland Police Bureau is unveiling an improved interactive dashboard offering data about shootings in the city. The new dashboard offers information at the neighborhood level so anyone interested may have access to the information most relevant for them. The dashboard offers three years of shooting data, updated monthly,” the Portland Police Department said.

You can view the new Portland Police shootings interactive dashboard here. Since August, shootings have doubled after nearly tripling that month.

“The Police Bureau continues to work with partners to reduce the number of shootings. Solving crimes related to shootings takes help from the community, including witnesses and bystanders to come forward and provide information to police. This can be very difficult for people to do, but is often necessary to start the process of holding shooters accountable, and interrupt the cycle of violence in our neighborhood streets,” the department said.