Sheriff Golden: Murphy to give prisoners COVID-19 vaccinations before police or the general public

FREEHOLD, NJ – A report in Today’s Asbury Park Press claims Governor Phil Murphy’s administration is slowing down COVID-19 vaccinations and over 70% of the state’s current stockpile has no been distributed yet.  When it does get distributed, Governor Murphy’s administration will give the vaccine to the state’s prison population before you can get one for your family.  It’s no secret, in Murphy’s sanctuary police reform state, crime does pay.

New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli today said she is working with the state’s Department of Corrections to make sure the prison population gets COVID-19 vaccines.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden balked.  He said prisoners in New Jersey will also get the vaccine before law enforcement officers.

“Inmates over Frontline Health care workers , LTCs , First responders and Law Enforcement. Leave it here for comment. LE btw should be moved to 1A as the majority of Municipal PDs respond and are first to the scene of medical calls,” Golden said today.


“It is unconscionable that Governor Murphy’s administration is vaccinating the convicted criminals in our prisons before the heroes in our state’s veteran homes. From the beginning of this crisis the Governor has failed to protect the veterans homes from Covid, has refused to share details of what, if any, actions he took to minimize spread, and just recently missed a deadline to get our state’s heroes and vulnerable vaccinated promptly. The Governor has failed the people who needed protection the most, and he should pay for this failure with his job next fall,” said NJ GOP President Mike Lavery.

On Thursday, the first prisoners began receiving vaccinations.