Shark River Floods Coastal Roads in Neptune Flooded During Winter Storm

NEPTUNE, NJ – Roads along the Shark River in Neptune Township are once again closed as the evening high tide rolled in. This morning, OEM officials and the Neptune Police Department closed several roads due to flooding.

“All roads closed from tidal flooding have been reopened, including the East End Ave bridge. Expect an additional round of closures before and after the evening high tide between 8:00 PM and midnight,” the department said. “Due to tidal flooding, the East End Ave bridge from Shark River Hills into Neptune City is closed. In addition, much of South Riverside Drive, South Concourse, and West Concourse is closed. Expect closures to remain in place for several hours after the high tide at 10:00 AM while we wait for water to recede. ***Do not drive through flooded roads***”