Shakespeare on Aisle 9? Indiana Town Turns Old Supermarket into Temporary Library

CARMEL, IN –  When the Carmel Clay Public Library had to shut down temporarily for construction of a new high-tech addition to their existing building, library officials moved their operations to an abandoned former Merchants Square supermarket.   Now, the supermarket’s freezers are filled with books and the “Bread” section is now the “read” section.  It will be their home for the next two years, but it’s a plus for the community as the supermarket has been vacant for about three years now.

“Looking for the biographies about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton? Believe it or not, this is where you’ll find them at the Merchants’ Square Main Library. No potential bit of shelf space is off limits, including the freezer section,” the library posted when it reopened in October.

The unique location has been a great tool for the library to market itself to the community if for nothing else, getting people in the door and using the library services out of curiosity.

Photos by Carmel Clay Public Library.