School Sporting Events Capped at 150 People In New Jersey, Sorry Again Grandma

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Grandma might not just be allowed to come to Thanksgiving dinner this year in New Jersey, she might also have to skip her grandson’s Turkey Bowl game, according to another new COVID-19 related recreational restriction.  Last week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy told New Jerseyans to cut their Thanksgiving dinner list, now he’s telling residents to cut their invite list to the upcoming Turkey Bowl games.   Murphy lowered the outdoor max capacity for sporting events from 500 to 150 on Friday. Coaches and players are not including in that 150 person limit.

“For outdoor organized high school sporting events. Individuals necessary to the sporting event such as players, coaches, and referees will not count toward the 150-person limit,” Murphy said. “This will mean that these sporting events, including the upcoming Thanksgiving week high school football games, can have up to 150 spectators. However, all spectators must continue to abide by social distancing requirements. Does this sunset, Parimal? It sunsets, I believe, after the — this is almost exclusively for the football games that are coming up over the next week.”