Rumson Police Dept. Says Murphy’s Marijuana Law Criminalizes Cops, Puts Kids at Risk

RUMSON, NJ – Rumson Police today criticized New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s legalized marijuana bill because as it signed, police can’t stop underage marijuana use, nor can they tell the parents of children caught smoking marijuana.

The new law criminalizes police officers who attempt to interfere in a child’s use of marijuana, risking fines and possibly their career if they intervene.

“Governor Murphy has recently signed into law Assembly Bill 5342 that prohibits Law Enforcement Officers, under penalty of a 3rd degree crime, from notifying parents when a minor is located and determined to be under the influence of either marijuana or alcohol,” the Rumson Fairhaven Police Departement said.

“This new restriction for law enforcement goes against everything that we as a Police Department care most about–the safety and wellbeing of the children of this community.
I want everyone to know that the Rumson Police Department will NEVER risk yours or any child’s safety by leaving them alone without making notification to their parent or guardian, to ensure that the minor under the influence of marijuana or alcohol can receive the necessary care in their best interest to prevent a potential tragedy from occurring,” The department added. “Unfortunately, under this new law, our officers now will risk being charged with a 3rd degree crime by doing this! Sadly, this provision in the new law, defies all logic and conversely puts minors at a substantial risk!”

The department said it is hoping that some type of reasonableness will prevail and changes will be made to this provision in the law that will allow them to continue to care for and provide the services to your children that you have come to expect.

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