Rullo: Online petitions could help new Phil Murphy Recall succeed

BAYVILLE, NJ – Former gubernatorial candidate Joe Rullo says he fully supports the latest Governor Phil Murphy Recall and added that the latest recall has a better chance to succeed because of the ability to sign petitions online.

“One of the biggest problems in the first recall was that everyone was all over the state gathering signatures,”  Rullo said. “Online, there’s millions of registered voters online.  Before, it was nearly impossible with paper ballots.”

“Having the largest social media presence amongst NJ political leaders on both sides of the aisle and most major media I will commit to helping Ian Smith from Atilis Gym to get 1.1 million signatures in only 1 month online to Recall Governor Phil Murphy. It is all online much easier than first recall requiring in-person signatures with tons of traveling the state of NJ,” Rullo said.